Little Star Preschool

We Help Your Little Ones Reach for the Stars

A Sample of Our Themes

Our themes for November include:

  • Nice Mice
  • Filling Santa's Sleigh

Our Letters of the Month are:

  • Cc
  • Oo

Our Numbers of the Month are:

  • 4

Our Color of the Month is:

  • White (celebrated on Thur. 12/10)

Our Shape of the Month is:

  • Star

A Sample of Our Centers

Our Centers this month include:

Writing Center:  Holiday Cards

Science Center:  Decorating the Christmas Tree

Block Center:  Christmas floor puzzles, Gingerbread Sorting Cards, Lacing Cards

Reading Center:  theme related books and tapes

Home Center:  Elf Workshop

A Sample of Show and Tell

Show and Tell will be due by Tuesday, December 5.  We will be celebrating our theme "Filling Santa's Sleigh" by learning a fingerplay called, "What's In This Present?"  To help us with this, please have your child send in a picture of a toy or animal that they would find in a present that makes a noise.  For example,  you could send in a picture of a train to go with the sound "chugga-chugga-choo-choo" or a dog to go with the sound "bow wow".

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