Little Star Preschool

We Help Your Little Ones Reach for the Stars

A Sample of Our Themes

Our themes for January include:

  • Polar Bears and Eskimos
  • Our Global Friends

Our Letters of the Month include:

  • Mm (celebrated on Mon. 1/8)
  • Nn (celebrated on Tues. 1/16)

Our Numbers of the Month are:

  • 5

Our Color of the Month is:

  • Blue (celebrated on Fri. 1/30)

Our Shape of the Month is:

  • Circle

A Sample of Our Centers

Our Centers this month include:

Writing Center:  Arctic Materials

Science Center:  Snow Balls

Block Center:  Don't Break The Ice game, Snowman puzzle, Lacing Cards

Reading Center:  theme related books and CDs

Home Center:  The Arctic

A Sample of Show and Tell

Show and Tell will be due by Wednesday, January 10.  We will be making a bulletin board for Our Global Friends theme titled "Our Circle of Friends".  We will be learning about cultures in Africa, Australia, Japan, and Mexico.  Please send in any cultural stickers or pictures cut from magazines that would go with any of the above countries we will be learning about.  Some examples from Australia are:  kangaroos, platypus, kookaburras, and koalas.  Some examples from Africa are:  homes with straw roofs, elephants, lions, gorillas, lemurs, zebras, and giraffes.  Some examples from Japan are:  carp, chopsticks, orgami, and kimonos.  Some examples from Mexico are:  adobe homes, tacos/burritos, maracas, pinatas, and sombreros.

A Sample of Special Days

Mon. 1/25 AFRICA:  We will begin making our passports.  We will play Mancala, learn "hello" in Swahili, make an African bowl, and eat an African-style snack.

Tues. 1/26  AUSTRALIA:  We will sing "G'Day Mate" song, work on our passport, hop like kangaroos, learn Australian phrases, make a didgeridoo, and eat an Australian-style snack.

Wed. 1/27   MEXICO:  We will sing "Fill Our Pinata" song, work on our passports, learn "hello" in Spanish, make a papel picado, have a Mexican-style snack, and have a Pinata Party!

Thurs. 1/28 JAPAN:  Send in slippers since shoes are not worn inside in Japanese households.  We will finish our passport, learn "hello" in Japanese, make a carp kite, make orgami, and eat a Japanese-style snack.

Fri. 1/29  BLUE DAY and ESKIMO INDIAN OLYMPIC GAME DAY:  We will play Blanket Toss, Four Man Carry, Kneel Jumps, and Toe Kick games along with making Salty Snowflakes.

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