Little Star Preschool

We Help Your Little Ones Reach for the Stars

A Sample of Our Themes

Our themes for October include:

  • Five Super Senses
  • Fire Prevention Week
  • Fun on the Farm

Our Letters of the Month are: 

  • Ee
  • Ff
  • Ll

Our Numbers of the Month are:

  • 2

Our Colors of the Month are:

  • Black (celebrated Fri. 10/13 - wear black this day)
  • Orange (celebrated Fri. 10/27 - wear orange this day)

Our Shape of the Month is:

  • Triangle

A Sample of Our Centers

Our Centers this month include:

Writing Center:  Farm and Halloween Art

Science Center:  Pumpkin Pie Playdough and Animal Tracks

Block Center:  Corrals and Fences, Mister Potato Head, fire truck and pumpkin puzzles

Reading Center:  theme related books and tapes

Home Center: Working On The Farm

A Sample of Show and Tell

Show and Tell will be due no later than Wednesday, October 4th.  We will be discussing "What's Inside?"  to coincide with our Five Super Senses theme.  Your child will be given a box.  He/she will need to fill the box with an object(s) so that we can use our sense of hearing to figure out "What's Inside the box?"  Some items that you may want to use are:  rice, macaroni noodles, bells, blocks, crayons, or any other appropriate materials.  We will be shaking the boxes and guessing what's inside each one.  We will talk about the sounds the items make.  Are they noisy or quiet when you shake them?

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