Little Star Preschool

We Help Your Little Ones Reach for the Stars

Our Philosophy

At Little Star, our program is designed to provide:

1. A safe, healthy, and dependable environment.

2. A nurturing, loving, and energetic staff who understand the children's needs in this environment.

3. Organized, age appropriate activities that give the children the opportunity to explore, experiment, learn, reflect, and play.

4. An environment that is child-oriented, child-initiated, and play-based.

5. Physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth.

6. Emphasis on the need for respect and acceptance of others in our classroom and in today's diverse society.


Our Program

     We provide half day or all day care/preschooling for children ages infant-kindergarten following the Saline Schools staff schedule (when Saline teachers are required to work, we will be open).  Our morning session consists of preschooling and our afternoon focuses on rest and individual playtime.  Our curriculum consists of two themes per month along with a color, shape, numbers, and letters.  These themes are what we center our readings, songs, projects, and centers around.  In addition to the theme-based curriculum, we also use the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum and Zoophonics Preschool Program every day.  

A typical preschool schedule is as follows:

            7:00-8:30  Arrival, Individual Playtime

            8:30-9:00 Circle Time/Calendar

            9:15-9:30  Bathroom for Preschoolers and  Begindergarten will have Math group time  

            9:30-10:00  Recess     

            10:00-10:30  Handwriting Without Tears/Zoophonics

            10:30-11:15  Center Time/Art Project/Snack

            11:15-11:45  Large Group Time  for Preschoolers and Begindergarten will have Language and Literacy group time     

            11:45-12:15  Lunch (cold or hot lunch)

            12:15-12:30  Story Time      

            12:30-12:45  Bathroom for those staying for the afternoon/Half day students departure

            12:45-3:30    Rest Time

            3:30-4:00     Bathroom/Snack (provided by Little Star)

            4:00-4:45     Individual Playtime/Departure


Behavior Guidance

Our staff use the Love And Logic discipline theory.  We use this theory to prevent unacceptable behavior by:

  • Modeling appropriate behavior
  • Help direct positive choices
  • Use praise when appropriate behavior is used

When unacceptable behavior is about to occur or is occuring we will:

  • Redirect
  • Distract
  • Listen
  • Use Time-outs

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